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Whether it is 1x, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, occasionally or for a defined period of time, we offer our home services for any reason in any season! We are an extra pair of hands.  We give you the gift of time.  Recipients choose from a variety of home services to create the combination* that best suits their needs. We are here to Make Their Day! Rates for our unique home services are $35.00 per person hour (plus GST) with a minimum booking of 3 hours for each home service combination.  

Meal Preparation

No time to cook?  Busy with baby?  Busy with life?  Busy planning a wedding or other special occasion? Too tired to think about what to make for supper? Grabbing fast food again?  We offer home prepared meals made in your own kitchen. 

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Lunches & Snacks

At the end of a busy day after tucking kids in to bed or in the morning rushing to get everyone ready (and most likely with little sleep), you still have that dreaded task to do....yes, make those lunches OR NOT! 

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Coming home with baby? Returning from the Honeymoon?  Snow birds?  We can make sure you come home to the necessary basics stocked in your fridge.

Busy day at work? Why waste endless hours running errands after a busy day taking time away from more important things?

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 Keeping the house in order can be a daunting task that can take a toll on you and your family.  Consider our services as a valuable time-management tool so you can focus on what is most important; you and your family.  

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The piles of laundry never seem to disappear...let us do our magic.  

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Yard Work

Rather be on the green instead of cutting the green?  We offer seasonal landscape labour services. 

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Anything Else?

As you can see, Make Their Day  Services  offers amazing, unique home service options.  We think we have thought of everything...but if there is something you don't see, just ask and we will do our best to accommodate your request for services. 

*Please note prices subject to change.

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