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About Us

Make Their Day Services was born from personal experience. As a mom and gramma, I know what its like juggling family and work and everything in between and dealing with what life throws your way! I know the work it takes to get ready for those exciting celebrations like weddings and welcoming a new baby. With experience cleaning and catering I know the importance of timing and details. As a Human Resources professional, I understand the importance of maintaining client confidentiality, individuality, and quality client service. I have blended my experiences and my passions to create Make Their Day Services. We offer professional, caring and exceptional quality home services for any reason you can think of.

We are here to make a positive difference in the lives of others by offering these unique combinations of home services for you or someone you know who could use some extra hands or the gift of time! We are here to Make Their Day!  


I would give Make Their Day Services two thumbs up and highly recommend them! Paulette is a pleasure to deal with from first walk through, to expectations in writing, to showing up right on time and going above and beyond in quality of the work done. As a independent business owner, wife and mom in a very busy household Paulette and her team allowed me to have a clean house AND focus on the things that are urgent in my world, including family time. Go ahead, book your service and wait for them to “Make Your Day”, you will not be disappointed!

Karen B.

Make Their Day Services is fantastic! They came and, top to bottom, cleaned my house after a renovation catastrophe! Not only were they professional and quick to respond, but as a nurse and shift worker I was able to sleep through them being there! Everything was clean down to the last decorative bobble! I would highly recommend them for any services for myself, friends or family.

Laura H.

Thank you again for making our move so much easier by taking the huge task of shining the house nice and bright for the new owners. This is a very big job and you attended to every detail very well. With so much to do around moving day, hiring you was one of the best decisions we made.

Stacey A.